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DX Flat field generator 372mm (292 to 372mm)

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FLAT FIELD PANEL DIAMETER 372 mm (14,64 inch)  
Image calibration is a very important first step in the processing of an astronomical image.
Light Frames' are images (or a video) of a celestial object captured by the CCD. Each pixel in the images will have a numeric value that includes the influences of:

  • Light from the celestial objects in the field of view.
  • The various types of noise generated by the CCD.
  • Defects in the optical system.
  • CCD inhomogeneities (pixels more or less sensitive to light)
  • Optical vignetting (image is darker away from the centre)
  • Dust on the CCD window (seen as 'donut' shaped spots on the image)
  • Internal reflections

With calibration we will try to remove as much as possible of the Bias and Dark Current from each Light Frame. Also, we will try to remove the effects of certain types of optical defect.

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Takahashi Belgie - Nederland
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