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Vixen Montering Polarie U Star Tracker

Artikelnummer: 70096
Fabrikant: Vixen

$ 590,00

Vixen Montering Polarie U Star Tracker
Vixen Montering Polarie U Star Tracker
Vixen Montering Polarie U Star Tracker
Vixen Montering Polarie U Star Tracker
Vixen Montering Polarie U Star Tracker
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Helaas is deze beschrijving nog niet in het Nederlands vertaald. U vindt hier dus een Engelse artikelbeschrijving.

The Polarie U is a camera mount with which your camera can follow the rotation of the night sky. This makes it possible to take astronomical images with longer exposure times using your camera and a camera lens: wonderfully sharp images of stars, nebulae and the Milky Way!

Set up using your smartphone as the Polarie produces its own WiFi signal. So you can control the mount from your smartphone using a free app. This is not only comfortable, but also enables hands-free operation.

Five different speeds:

  • Star Scape photography (half star speed):This setting is provided for combining a landscape with the night sky. The stars are not followed precisely, they are followed more slowly in order to not blur the landscape in the foreground. This creates beautiful images of landscapes with starry night skies.
  • Wide field astrophotography (star'speed):When this mode is selected, the Polarie U follows the stars at the same speed at which they are moving. This enables long exposure images of comets, nebulae, star clusters and the Milky Way to be captured and precisely tracked.
  • Solar tracking (Sun'speed):For capturing solar eclipses.
  • Moon tracking (Moon'speed):For capturing lunar eclipses.
  • User-defined mode:You can use this to set the Polarie U to any desired speed.

Spirit level and direction scale for time-lapse photography: The Polarie U is fitted with a spirit level for horizontal alignment. Furthermore, it is fitted with a five-part scale which can be used to roughly estimate the angle of rotation during time-lapse photography.

A detachable alignment tube provides rough polar alignment. An optional polarscope is also available.

The Polarie U was designed to look similar to a camera lens and, therefore, fits easily into camera bags. The “U” in Polarie U represents the product’s structural cross-section. It is also realively light at only 575g.

The Polarie U uses 4 AA batteries. Additionally, it is fitted with an external USB power supply (USB type C). A threaded bush for the 3/8 inch screw can be found on the underside and rear of the Polarie U. The Star Tracker can be secured using a 1/4" or 3/8” screw.

Compared to the classic Polarie, the Polarie U is considerably lighter with a higher load capacity. The distance between the two bearings which support the rotating shafts amounts to around four times that of its predecessor. This leads to increased load capacity despite the 20% reduction in weight. The maximum load capacity is 2.5kg for wide field astrophotography. With the optional mounting accessories consisting of prism rails and counterweights, the load capacity can be increased to 6.5kg.

Made in Japan!


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