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Räthgloben 1917 Stille globe, beschrijf- en uitwisbaar 30cm

Artikelnummer: 1048
Fabrikant: Räthgloben 1917

$ 43,90

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Helaas is deze beschrijving nog niet in het Nederlands vertaald. U vindt hier dus een Engelse artikelbeschrijving.

The white globe of Räthgloben: completely writable and wipeable!

With this white globe you can bring fun and action into the kids' room! The globe was developed specially for exploring playfully countries and continents of the earth.

Only the contures and gitter lines of the earth are printed there. The rest is white and without text. Now, each continent can be painted, countries can be labelled and seas can be named. Step by step, children and students get to know the earth's geography and remember easily, where the capital of Russia is or how large Argentina is.

As the globe is wipeable completely, it can be returned to the original state. At the same time, small mistakes are no problem - just wipe and correct them! The globe fits also perfectly for lessons at school. 4 colour pens are inclueded in the set. Thanks to it´s plastic feature, it´s extremely robust and almost unbreakable. The globe has a 30cm diameter which ensures that also small countries can be painted easily.

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