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Omegon Star Theater Pro planetarium

Artikelnummer: 62125
Fabrikant: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon Star Theater Pro planetarium
Omegon Star Theater Pro planetarium
Omegon Star Theater Pro planetarium
Omegon Star Theater Pro planetarium
Omegon Star Theater Pro planetarium
Omegon Star Theater Pro planetarium
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Helaas is deze beschrijving nog niet in het Nederlands vertaald. U vindt hier dus een Engelse artikelbeschrijving.

Bring the universe into your warm sitting room

Do you also like to dream under the starry sky? But preferably comfortably on the sofa or under a warm duvet instead of freezing outdoors? The Star Theater Pro is a mini home planetarium which beams a starry sky with countless stars onto the ceiling.

If you haven’t already done so, you will completely immerse yourself in the fascinating world of astronomy when the sky begins to rotate as if by magic. A space night lamp for children and adults who want a little amazement.

The features at a glance:

  • The universe for your home: 10,000 stars on your own ceiling
  • Futuristic globe design, elegant decorative piece for your home
  • Motorised rotation of the sky, so that the sky appears even more realistic
  • Adjustable projection distance: from 15cm to 6.8 metres
  • Sleep timer: 30 minutes and 60 minutes auto shut-off function
  • LED projection using convex lenses in bright 989 lux illumination: so even the smallest stars shine brightly on the ceiling
  • Two star discs: imaginative starry sky and Earth/Moon/Sun

10,000 stars on your own ceiling

Outdoors on a clear night, in the mountains or by a lake, we see up to three thousand stars. Yet this ultra-lightweight planetarium displays 10,000 stars with the disc included. This is how the idea came about to turn a room into a starbase.

What your new planetarium shows you, depends on the projection disc, of which two are already included.

Projection disc stars: enjoy the Milky Way with random stars projected onto the ceiling

Projection disc Earth, Moon, Sun: our three most important celestial bodies.

(You can also use projection discs from other manufacturers, even if they are not an exact fit).

Switch off the daily routine - and switch on outer space

Many of our customers love to enjoy relaxing moments in their stressful everyday life. In a darkened room, in the evening on the sofa with relaxing music or as an aid to sleep. It’s no wonder, when you later doze off as if in the arms of Morpheus.

30, 60 and 120 minute timer

The timer is an particularly ingenious function, especially for falling asleep. You have the choice between two buttons for an automatic shut-off after 30 or 60 minutes. If you do nothing, the planetarium turns itself off automatically after 120 minutes.

Rotating starry sky

Outdoors the starry sky is continually moving, stars rise and set. The Star Theater Pro also gives you a similar feeling.

The effect: the starry sky or other projected object rotates smoothly on the ceiling.

Adjustable projection distance

You can project the image either onto the ceiling or a wall - both are possible. With the focusable lens system, you can project a sharp image with a maximum diameter of 7.5 meters from a distance of between15 centimeters and 6.8 meters.

You can use the Star Theater Pro as a space night lamp or as a small planetarium for your home. It is perfect for everyone who can't get enough of outer space.

Further information:

  • USB cable (2m) for power supply, no mains adapter included
  • power consumption less than 600mA
  • base made of plastic
  • globe diameter 15cm
  • Lamp 3W


  • planetarium in gift packaging
  • foot
  • cable
  • 2 discs

Onze deskundige opmerking:

Helaas is deze beschrijving nog niet in het Nederlands vertaald. U vindt hier dus een Engelse artikelbeschrijving.

The Omegon Star Theater Pro lives up to it's true potential through the numerous available projection discs. But which to choose from this large selection? We strongly recommend the premium Milky Way disk. The night sky is displayed even more realistic and beautiful than with the already supplied star disks.

The opimal position of the Omegon Star Theater Pro is often in the middle of a room, not in vicinity of any outlets. As solution, we recomment the Omegon Powerbank 4000. It allows complete freedom and flexibility when setting up the system. The Powerbank can power the planetarium for ca. 4 hours.

(Elias Erdnüß)

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