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H-Alpha Unit 0.9 Angstrom for Schmidt Cassegrain | In H-Alpha light, spectacular prominence activity can be seen. Flares are also visible on the surface along with the same white light details visible with our standard filters. The 2 part system is easy to use and can be setup in less than a minute.Each system includes an energy rejection filter & H-Alpha filter unit with a tilting mechanism. Telescopes with a secondary mirror obstruction ( SCT ) require an off-axis ERF. The HAU completes the blocking of all wavelengths except 656.28   The H-Alpha Filter Unit and ERF must be used together Delivery 2-3 w * 


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1 tot 9 (van de 9 artikelen).  Resultaat:  1



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Takahashi Belgie - Nederland

Takahashi Belgie - Nederland

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